Being known as the world's greatest green cleaning product is simply our reputation
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CleanGo GreenGo is the best non-toxic green cleaner for your everyday life

Reclaim your space knowing that your family and pets are protected from exposure to harmful chemicals

Investor Opportunities

Investors from around the globe are invited to discover the financial and environmental benefits of our green cleaning technology

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Together we can build a Cleaner Greener Future for future generations to enjoy.  



CleanGo GreenGo is the future of cleaning products. Our business is safeguarded by an exclusive Patented IP unique to our science and commitment of using the best Green, Bio Degradable and Non Toxic ingredients on the market today.


Not only has CleanGo developed an unparalleled Safe and Non Toxic cleaning product line to be used in a home, but have also produced commercial products currently being used at a wide range of hotels, restaurants and commercial cleaning companies. Most recently, the CleanGo formulations have been tested and approved for use in the Oil and Gas Sector resulting to the successful gain of business in this industry.


We firmly believe solving big problems will earn big rewards. By investing in CleanGo GreenGo your business will be a part of our business growth during its infancy. Our priority is to assure that your investment is optimal; this is very much the reason we have done the majority of the heavy lifting. We strive to grow, expand and most importantly maximize your financial investment.

Reap the benefits of our exciting products and count on the success we aim to establish in the market.